Drumming DVD Vol. 1

Foundations of Arabic Rhythm with Souhail Kaspar

The first in Souhail's Master Class at Home Series, Souhail's powerful technique and unique teaching style is brought home!

Foundations of Arabic Rhythm focuses on the all-important elements of solid fundamentals. With close-ups training are now available to drummers everywhere.Techniques and fundamental rhythms are demonstrated on both the Egyptian Tabla (Doumbek) and Riqq (Tambourine). And there's solo demonstrations of Souhail in concert!

DVD Review By David Elkins

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By David Elkins

The material covered on the DVD is aptly titled: “Master Class at Home Vol.1 for Egyptian Tablah and Riqq”.

Included in the curriculum are: an introduction to Arabic style instruments including brief mention of their evolution; correct biomechanical approach to tone production for the instruments; 3 rhythmic patterns and practice for Taiir (Foz 2/4),Waltz (3/4),Beledi (4/4); stretching exercises; a short live performance.

The accompanying booklet with this DVD indicates that the material presented is classical conservatory methodology.  I believe this.  The material reminded me of the great scene in the movie “Iron and Silk” where the student, who has pulled out all stops to train with a great kung-fu master, is told to practice only the opening of his form until it really looks scary. This material is for beginners yet anyone who has engrained bad biomechanical habits in their playing can benefit from working with this material.  The cinematography is excellent and in both the tablah and riqq sections nothing is left to the imagination regarding the master’s hands.

The material on the riqq may be the forte’ of this DVD.  In my limited experience, it has been very difficult to find high quality distance learning on riqq.  The material is super and one viewing was sufficient to address my long-standing frustration with integrating shakes into my riqq playing.

In my martial arts career I always advised students, there are no “advance” techniques, only basics put together in different ways.  This DVD will definitely start a beginner out on the right path to efficiency in creating perfect tone production for the two instruments.  There are also little hidden gems in the material including the stretching section and a mind-boggling solo drum performance.  Throughout the material Souhail displays the same good-natured supportive attitude that one would receive in a private lesson; and he obviously has fun doing it.

I rate this DVD at 5 starts for beginning players.  Now, hopefully the cast is busy preparing Vol. 2.